The Department of Human Anatomy is concerned with the teaching of

  • The structure of human body
  • The functions of bodily parts
  • Disease processes that ravage structure & function
  • Means for preventing or treating disease.

The department is equipped with microscope, models, slides, cadavers, organs and specimens. Embalming room is also attached with the dissection room for embalming the cadavers. The fostering and nurturing of core medical studies during the first year has been an important aspect of this department.

Physiology is one of the important subjects of all medical branches.
Physiology is the “science of functions of living ‘systems”.
To ensure a proper foundation for the future doctors, the department is well equipped with all the necessary equipment required for the students of I Year. During academic year Lectures, Practical, Tutorials, Lecture cum Demonstrations and Quiz are arranged for the students. This helps for providing personal attention to the students.

Department of Biochemistry renders a thorough theoretical & practical knowledge of biomolecules, biochemical techniques & analysis of various biochemical parameters.
Students are also taught about importance of Biochemistry, biochemical reactions & metabolism in the body and also about its normal and abnormal functioning.

Pathology & Microbiology
The department provides importance of pathological facilities for the treatment in the various departments. Microbiology is very important for the Physiotherapy students, in order to diagnose microbial infections which are intimately related to overall treatment plan for the patients.
The department has all necessary infrastructure including specimens and machines for understanding basics of pathology to students and for preliminary diagnosis.

Pharmacology is the science of drugs that produce therapeutically useful effects which are given to prevent, diagnose or cure disease processes. The department consist of well-equipped pharmacy laboratory which can accommodate 50 students at a time for practical of clinical importance.
The department is well equipped with various pharmaceutical apparatus that helps the students to learn the art of preparing and dispensing drugs for the use by the patients.